About Us

The registered business name is Garuga Resort Beach Hotel Limited and is located in Wakiso District. The Resort is situated on a 15 acre piece of land at the edge of the peninsula that shares boundaries with Lake Victoria.

Garuga Resort offers a relaxed modern African ambiance with its earthy natural textures and the beautiful scenery of the un-tampered with natural environment.



The Resort is 10 Kms from Entebbe road at Kitala branch off and is 25 Kms and 35 Kms from the airport and Kampala city centre respectively.



Garuga Resort inspired by the African bush and indigenous setting with sweeping views of Lake Victoria with excellent scenery that makes it a real paradise on lake. The site is ideally suited for a resort and recreational activities.



The story of this site is the miracle of turning a barren, lunar-type landscape into an ecologically sustainable wonder.Over the past decade, quarries in the Tende hills that were previously excavated by individual villagers are intended to be transformed into a variety of recreational facilities including forest and nature trails.



The Resort is located on the edge of the peninsula with both a natural sand and rock beach line of approximately 500 meters surrounded by two natural cliffs on both sides.



The Resort is set along Lake Victoria is most beautiful shoreline, with the airport a few kilometers away providing magnificent views of planes taking off.With an endless white sand shoreline on one side, the African bush on the hill side with a pine plantation and pure white rock settings on one side of the land, you will find the setting and location of the Resort as peaceful as it is stimulating.The resort has natural game that includes monkeys, monitor lizards and 32 species of birds.


The operating philosophy at Garuga Resort Beach Hotel is exceptional customer service, attention to the smallest of details and giving clients a unique experience at the Resort. We take great pride in ensuring that every client has an unforgettable, memorable and joyful Garuga experience.